Feminist Diary – Manisha Pandey

आज एक कैनेडियन स्‍टूडेंट से मुलाकात हुई, जो इंडियन मीडिया पर रिसर्च कर रही है। जेनिफर दीवानों की तरह अपना काम करती है, दुनिया घूमती है, उसे संगीत की कमाल की समझ है, एक साल एक ब्‍वॉयफ्रेंड के साथ रही। बात जमी नहीं, बैग उठाया और आगे की जिंदगी खोजने निकल पड़ी। वो कहीं भी जाकर बस जाना चाहती है और संसार देखना चाहती है। … Continue reading Feminist Diary – Manisha Pandey

Fish curry with a side order of porn – Nina Sangma

  Till you’ve been to a male strip club or clube de mulheres in more refined terms, courtesy your best friend’s mother, life will have had little meaning. All that throbbing testosterone in one night will give you a head rush to put it mildly. But if you aren’t as lucky to get this sort of orientation to brasileiros, you may want to hit the … Continue reading Fish curry with a side order of porn – Nina Sangma

Why Venice will be special – Nina Sangma

I’m told I’m a magnet for crazy. I attract them in any shape or form. You know when they tell you a place is defined by its people, believe them. And when you’re a c-magnet like me, you’ll find crazy walking down the street. So why should the fact that I was lost and dragging a suitcase the size of Istanbul in Venice be out … Continue reading Why Venice will be special – Nina Sangma

Two Women and an Adventure

Mimi Chakrabarti and Vidya Deshpande have a job to live for. They ofcourse dexterously designed their present work. It has also materialised after a lot of personal experiments with life. Hille Le identifies with their spirit of constant day dreaming, desire to look beyond their own life and somewhere their incorrigible optimism. With their new business venture or life venture ‘Soul Purpose’, these two women … Continue reading Two Women and an Adventure