Why Loiter? | Shilpa Phadke |

In her TEDx talk, Phadke as a sociologist carefully dissects the intertwining of gender in urban spaces. Through this, she pursues the concepts of safety and risk, particularly how these concepts have evolved to frame our disposition towards women and loitering in public spaces. Risk and safety need not be absolutely distinct; instead, they can only be assessed in accordance with the societal norms governing … Continue reading Why Loiter? | Shilpa Phadke |

Contemporary Protest Music: Rahul Ram

Contemporary Protest Music: Rahul Ram at TEDx Mehrauli Rahul N Ram was born in Delhi in 1963. His personal acquaintance with protest music started off in his childhood with songs of the Indian People’s Theatre Association. He first encountered contemporary protest music during a trip to Garhwal in 1980 with songs sung by the Chipko Andolan. He heard several international protest songs during his years … Continue reading Contemporary Protest Music: Rahul Ram