No Facts, Only Propoganda- Stanly Johny

  Is Kerala a perfect state? It’s not. Is it poverty-free? Don’t kid me. Is it socially progressive? You’ll find all sorts of discrimination and prejudices –caste/class/religions–in the state. Are the fruits of the Kerala model distributed evenly? Of course not–the lower strata, particularly the adivasis, are the hardest hit. So there’s certainly a case to widen the scope of the Kerala model, continue the … Continue reading No Facts, Only Propoganda- Stanly Johny

#PoMoneModi: Kerala says “Chal Hat Modi”

#PoMoneModi is trending on Twitter. It roughly translates to ‘Chal hat Modi’. The trendy hashtag #PoMoneModi -based on the popular film dialogue of actor Mohanlal which can be loosely translated as Go Back Modi – started trending from the morning of Wednesday . Kerala is number in Literacy and Human Development Index in India. Prime Minister Modi doesn’t know that. People of Kerela haven’t taken … Continue reading #PoMoneModi: Kerala says “Chal Hat Modi”