Revenge – Anand Patwardhan

The brilliant Dalit response to the Hindutva atrocity in Gujarat has cheered all those who want to annihilate caste. If the inspiration spreads across the country, it can turn the entire caste system on its head. As “designated castes” refuse to do other people’s dirty work anymore, it could force the “market” to find a solution. Working conditions and pay scales would then improve to … Continue reading Revenge – Anand Patwardhan

Love in Times of Slaughter – HARSH MANDER

The idea of retribution currently holds our nation in thrall, but there are also other, gentler voices that speak of mercy and justice, not for revenge but for deterrence, and of the possibility of reformation. This is a season for public rage, India’s winter of vengeance. Two men were hanged in quick succession for grave acts of terror. Others — forest brigands, assassins, and serial … Continue reading Love in Times of Slaughter – HARSH MANDER