“Waiting for Justice”, says the Indian Queer

Will the Queer community in India finally get justice in the apex court of India? Social Networking sites are abuzz today with the queer community anticipating some sense of justice to finally prevail. Some of facebook status go like this-   Dhrubojyoti In a few hours, the supreme court will decide on whether it wants to right the wrong committed in 2013. But it’s important … Continue reading “Waiting for Justice”, says the Indian Queer

Scared to say Lesbian- eh?

Lesbian Feminist Film Maker re-writes Vogue Empower My Choice script which features Deepika Padukone. She also edits Homi’s video on her script. Angry and agitated with Deepika’s video the Film maker responds to each sentence in her script. The Transcript and the video for you here- THE REWRITE   My body, my mind, my choice No I am not a woman’s empowerment video Scripted by a … Continue reading Scared to say Lesbian- eh?

Judith Butler : Q & A with UBC Faculty

Published on Dec 20, 2012 Dr. Judith Butler has a follow-up discussion with UBC Faculty at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at UBC after delivering the spring 2012 Wall Exchange lecture at the Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver on May 24, 2012. Watch highlights from the lecture here: Watch the full lecture here: The Wall Exchange is a community program created by the … Continue reading Judith Butler : Q & A with UBC Faculty

रेशम (by Shaleen Rakesh)

मेरी पलकों के तले तितलियों के चित्र हैं हर बार जब आँखें झपकता हूँ रंग उड़ने लग जाते हैं एक धुन सी सुनायी देती है जागो तो, जाग जाओ जब हम मिले थे तब मैं घास पर रेशमी कीड़े सा, तुम्हें खोजता था तब पर नहीं निकले थे हमारे ये सच है अब मेरी दस आँखें नहीं रहीं पर अगर होतीं तो तुम पर होतीं। Continue reading रेशम (by Shaleen Rakesh)

The long road ahead – Shaleen Rakesh

On 11 December 2013, the streets outside the Supreme Court of India thronged with a dazed crowd, hugging, sobbing and not quite sure what had happened. Inside the hushed courtroom, the judges had just passed a devastating ruling. Lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) in India had once again been labelled as criminals. Section 377, the 149-year-old colonial law that banned gay sex, had been upheld … Continue reading The long road ahead – Shaleen Rakesh

Just us two – Shaleen Rakesh

You and I my friends my lovers walking in step forward and back stumble and recover from dad and mom from ketamine and dreams fall down and rise but we don’t surrender we don’t retreat it isn’t easy it isn’t free but it’s beautiful if you believe. By- Shaleen Rakesh (Shaleen works as an activist on gay rights in New Delhi, India. When he is … Continue reading Just us two – Shaleen Rakesh

A memory of summer – Shaleen Rakesh

(Photo courtesy: Pinterest) Feverish with youth still full of lust for the aftershave on his neck I met a boy he was beautiful
 all his demons displayed
 openly as fading scars he had a ruinous heart
 only attracted boys
 who tended to disappear 
into the loneliness of the night he loved me
 very much in a way I could
 not understand. July 2013: heineken lite … Continue reading A memory of summer – Shaleen Rakesh

Remember Rituparno? – Garga Chatterjee

The acclaimed and recently deceased Bengali film-director Rituparno Ghosh (31 August 1963 – 30 May 2013), though a couple of decades older, went to the same school as me, the very populous South Point High School of Kolkata. It was at one time the largest school in Asia. My secondary standard graduation class was nearly 800 strong. One thing our school did well – before … Continue reading Remember Rituparno? – Garga Chatterjee