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What Is Mental Health?

Nowadays, we know more and more about what it means to be mentally unwell – but what exactly constitutes mental ‘health’? In this film, we’ll explore what characterises an optimally functioning mind. If you are struggling with mental health there are lines where you can get professional support:…​ Sign up to our new newsletter and get 10% off your first online order of a … Continue reading What Is Mental Health?


Arts Based Therapy (ABT) is a form of therapy employing multiple art forms (music, drama, visual arts) and their combinations (WCCL Foundation, Pune, 2001). The use of multiple art forms provides a variety of modes through which expression can be done. SIAAP seeks to use its principles in order to facilitate the development and nurturing of life skills, aid emotional well-being and personal growth within … Continue reading ARTS BASED THERAPY