Exposing “Midbrain activation” Scam: Dr.Narendra Nayak

Many fraudulent companies have sprung up in various parts of India, claiming that they can “increase the brain power” of children , or make them “geniuses” through a ‘course’ in which they would “activate the midbrain ” of children. The proof of children’s midbrain being “activated’, they claim, is their ability to see when wearing blindfolds. Gullible parents who fall for this propaganda end up … Continue reading Exposing “Midbrain activation” Scam: Dr.Narendra Nayak

The red in the sea of black and white- Indira Jaisingh

As three judges of the Supreme Court – Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice AM Khanwilkar – sat motionless on November 27, a young woman dressed in red, with a red hijab wrapped around her head, approached them. All heads turned to look at the woman, who was followed by stern looking police women in uniform. Lawyers in black and … Continue reading The red in the sea of black and white- Indira Jaisingh

FREE HADIYA – Pinjda Tod

AN APPEAL TO THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA: In defense of the freedom and citizenship of women and a plea against Islamophobia #freehadiya   ​ Your Lordship, We write to you, to bring to your notice a recent judgement of the Kerala High Court which has annulled a consensual marriage of an adult Muslim woman. The judgement also makes many other remarks which can completely … Continue reading FREE HADIYA – Pinjda Tod