Conversation- Mrinalini Sarabhai

In classical Indian dance, Mrinalini Sarabhai is internationally recognized as a dancer and choreographer whose reputation for innovation is unmatched. She began her training at an early age in forms of Bharata Natyam. She trained in Java and the United States, studying acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Sarabhai founded Darpana, an academy of dance, drama and music, in Ahmedabad in 1948. She … Continue reading Conversation- Mrinalini Sarabhai

Dance of Eternity- Mrinalini Sarabhai

As I listened to many voices and share with them the grave concern about the future of humankind, I feel we all have become prisoners of our own creations, especially our technologies. I am perhaps somewhat of an outsider in this respect, as one who rejected the formality of education as taught in our westernized colleges and instead searched deeply for my own roots, my … Continue reading Dance of Eternity- Mrinalini Sarabhai