How Can Rape Be ‘Natural’? – Kavita Krishnan

The Raghavji case should generate new laws, not homophobic jokes from politicians Charges of sexual assault, rape, sexual exploitation, or sex-for-favours against political leaders are pretty common. Sexual violence, after all, is about power, not desire. And who has more power than MPs, MLAs and leaders from the country’s ruling parties? So what’s new in the Raghavji case that hasn’t already been seen in the … Continue reading How Can Rape Be ‘Natural’? – Kavita Krishnan

When the music died – Shaleen Rakesh

(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest) The sound waves lingered in the deafening silence that followed 
I jumped fences at the cemetery 
clutching wilted flowers bargaining for sleep in the night I see the disco lights still flickering their last gasp
s I admit I turned away 
 drinking iced tea to keep cool 
 and pretending the moon beams 
 did not whisper your name. Continue reading When the music died – Shaleen Rakesh

Remember Rituparno? – Garga Chatterjee

The acclaimed and recently deceased Bengali film-director Rituparno Ghosh (31 August 1963 – 30 May 2013), though a couple of decades older, went to the same school as me, the very populous South Point High School of Kolkata. It was at one time the largest school in Asia. My secondary standard graduation class was nearly 800 strong. One thing our school did well – before … Continue reading Remember Rituparno? – Garga Chatterjee

Naz of LGBT community

PROJECT BOLO, meaning ‘Project Speak Up’, offers role models by documenting Indian LGBT persons — their growing up, struggles, love, career, achievements and life. Project Bolo’s objective is to record Indian LGBT history, as well as inspire and empower the LGBT community in India, by presenting video interviews of LGBT persons and role models, who ‘speak up’ about their life and work. This interview features … Continue reading Naz of LGBT community

The Kiss of the Spider-woman – Shaleen Rakesh

What demons hold her tongue as she dances around her girlfriends’ questions? with her arms branching out in the shadows, only her nervous laughter and soft whisper is heard is it her fear to ask, to reject, to hurt or to give? or is it just her? she is gentle kisses and soft bites but no words just shame curled up inside her gut she … Continue reading The Kiss of the Spider-woman – Shaleen Rakesh

I Want To Marry a Gay Man – Nina Sangma

Oh yes I do! After going through a series of dalliances or what I like to also call temporary aberrations of the mind, no longer am I willing to suspend my disbelief. Am I the only one who thinks sex is overrated? What about L.O.V.E? I see my friend reading her Mills and Boons…yes yes girl porn for some of you Neanderthals, and the obvious … Continue reading I Want To Marry a Gay Man – Nina Sangma

The Hopeless Optimist – or the Art of Finding Something Positive in Everything – Maya

Scared of Feeling Lonely I came across this article, titled “women in same sex relationship a fearful lot”. To put it in plain language: the title sucks! I decided to read on. I agree with my fellow activists that women loving women do become victims of domestic violence. Yes it is true that many times, women in relationships and FtM trans-persons living with their girlfriends/wives … Continue reading The Hopeless Optimist – or the Art of Finding Something Positive in Everything – Maya