Gendered Subaltern Sexuality and the State

First Published in EPW The controversy over the dance bar girls represents the complex process of the construction of sexuality of lower-caste women by various agencies and how it has emerged as a site for the anxieties of the state to be worked out. It also represents the fractures within the women’s movement regarding definition of work, sexuality and the caste question. At another level, … Continue reading Gendered Subaltern Sexuality and the State

Refashioning the Breast

      Modern Medicine and Dispensable Female Body Parts   Expressing unease with the celebration of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy, this article argues that the medical industry has played a masterstroke by casting the mastectomy debate in terms of an older “rights discourse” of the women’s movement. It suggests that the feminist and progressive movement hit back by asking questions to the scientific establishment … Continue reading Refashioning the Breast