ATMs without money are still the norm – Renuka Shahane

The 1st of December has gone by. Long queues outside banks and ATMs without money are still the norm. If Demonetization has shown the colossal failure of implementation of a perfectly good idea with perfectly good intentions, it has also shown the strength & resilience of our citizens. People working in banks are still working beyond their normal call of duty, working overtime, canceling holiday … Continue reading ATMs without money are still the norm – Renuka Shahane

Protect, don’t snoop

Much like the space it aims to protect, India’s cyber security policy, launched this week, is characterised by a striking duality of purpose. On the one hand, it seeks to guard, and thus strengthen, the country’s strategic assets and online intelligence infrastructure. On the other, it hopes to secure the transactions of citizens, companies and public services on the web. The latter, more enabling goal … Continue reading Protect, don’t snoop