An Invisible Minority – Rationalists in Contemporary India

Directed by- Raksha Kumar Producer & Commissioning Editor- Rajiv Mehrotra Festivals Mumbai, India Raksha Kumar an independent multimedia journalist focusing on politics, gender rights, social injustices and culture. A Fulbright and Chevening scholar, she graduated from the Journalism School, Columbia University. She has written for the New York Times, TIME magazine, Christian Science Monitor, DAWN, Caravan, Al Jazeera America, The Hindu and South China Morning … Continue reading An Invisible Minority – Rationalists in Contemporary India

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A Film by Debalina Mow On 22nd December, Feminists in Resistance (an autonomous feminist collective in Kolkata) held a mobile campaign from Ganguly Bagan to Baghajatin (refugee colony areas in South Kolkata). At 10pm as they reached Baghajatin I block, and were packing up, a group of 7-8 men, their faces masked with handkerchiefs and saffron tilaks on their foreheads, attacked the protesters with huge … Continue reading VIRAL FILM: FIR Attack