Transgenders welcome ‘Mythri’

In a move to help transgenders and bring them into the social mainstream, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday announced “Mythri”, a new scheme under which a monthly pension of Rs. 500 will be paid. Akkai Padmashali, an activist from Sangama, said that it was a very positive step with the government fulfilling their long-pending demand. However, Ms. Akkai said that Rs. 500 was meagre considering … Continue reading Transgenders welcome ‘Mythri’

From colonialism to ‘kill the gays’: The surprisingly recent roots of homophobia in Africa – Max Fisher

When President Obama praised the Supreme Court’s decision this week to overturn a law that had forbidden the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, he just happened to be in Senegal, standing alongside the country’s president. Naturally, reporters at the event asked Senegalese President Mackey Sall whether he might improve gay rights as well, albeit from a very different starting point, by rolling back his … Continue reading From colonialism to ‘kill the gays’: The surprisingly recent roots of homophobia in Africa – Max Fisher

Remember Rituparno? – Garga Chatterjee

The acclaimed and recently deceased Bengali film-director Rituparno Ghosh (31 August 1963 – 30 May 2013), though a couple of decades older, went to the same school as me, the very populous South Point High School of Kolkata. It was at one time the largest school in Asia. My secondary standard graduation class was nearly 800 strong. One thing our school did well – before … Continue reading Remember Rituparno? – Garga Chatterjee

Naz of LGBT community

PROJECT BOLO, meaning ‘Project Speak Up’, offers role models by documenting Indian LGBT persons — their growing up, struggles, love, career, achievements and life. Project Bolo’s objective is to record Indian LGBT history, as well as inspire and empower the LGBT community in India, by presenting video interviews of LGBT persons and role models, who ‘speak up’ about their life and work. This interview features … Continue reading Naz of LGBT community


            (JUNE 6, 1948 – MAY 20, 2013) Committed, passionate, inspiring, nurturing, visionary. Shivananda Khan was all of these, as he forged a pioneering path across the decades in helping achieve rights and equality for LGBT individuals and communities in diverse geographies and sociocultural environments from Europe to Asia and the Pacific. His death on May 20, 2013, in Lucknow, … Continue reading HONOURING SHIVANANDA DUNCAN GEORGE KHAN