HilleLe is an inclusive News, Views, Audio and Video space.

We are a group of Journalists, Lawyers, Activists, Theater artistes, Mental Health specialists, Travelers, Musicians, Art Critics, Scholars and Writers across the world who wish to hear voices beyond the mainstream media.

HilleLe wishes to report on everything under the sun. We believe that there are many out there bored with the mainstream media. There is no folk music on our Television Channel, no protest songs, no bands, no critical documentaries, no talk of art or theatre or books. There are no good travel stories.

We want more life! more action! More adventure!and most of all more politcal participation. Radical political participation from across the globe.

We welcome guest writers. Let us all write, discuss, argue and sweat it out hard here. Ours is a website run by volunteers. We take no funds and we don’t want/have any sponsors. We don’t get paid and we don’t pay people for their writings.

Please send your articles to hilleletv@gmail.com

Hillele looks forward to your comments. Please note that comments are moderated as per our comments policy. They may take some time to appear

16 thoughts on “HilleLe

  1. Haven’t read the contents in any detail, but I like the site and will be visiting it frequently, if not daily. 🙂

    1. Boring site with boring features.. Visit this only if u r free and have lots of time if anyone not happy with his or her life visit this site…

  2. this a good and a revolutionary site………..bt only if it maintains its integrity and keep on watching its goal…….for which this site is made

  3. hi
    This is Abhishek Dixit, Your website is still very basic. I am running a web development company. for your novel cause, i can develop website for you free and can give you full support. it would be my pleasure
    Thank you
    Abhishek Dixit

  4. i have not read the contents in details as yet…. but i really appreciate the idea behind this site… nice attempt to VOICE MUTE IDEA AND THOUGHTS…. keep it up 🙂

  5. This is a wonderful initiative. At a time when the media is being completely controlled by companies to sell soaps to nincompoops this is brilliant. Looking forward to reading more on this

    1. Dear Mr Lawrence, In the same vein, where’s your nazi swastika? If speaking up for the weak and the poor, and victims of atrocities is ‘hammer and sickle’ politics, then your understanding of politics is feeble. Think about it. What does your comment say of you? Nowhere on this site have I come across any article that supports socialism or communism. It only speaks of unjustice to the poor, which is very real in India and indeed almost everywhere in the world. If someone starts beating up your friend or cheats him, and if you start defending him, how will you feel if I shout from the roadside ‘hammer and sickle, Mr Lawrence, stop your hammer and sickle stuff’? Politics is nathing but a magnification of little social interactions. Your friend being beaten up for say a reason like his great great great great great grandfather being a rapist is similar to muslims being killed in gujarat because their great great great… grandfathers were pillagers. Even this is not entirely true. Timur was an attacker, but Akbar was a nation builder. Coming back to point. This site speaks in support of Gujarat’s victim Muslims, Chattisgar’s poor tribals, and many other marginalised people. People who were and are being exploited or killed or ‘beaten up’ like your hypothetical friend for no good reason, except greed and misplaced sense of revenge. If you think of it, this site’s reaction is no different from what yours will be if you see your hypothetical friend being attacked. You will rush to his defence. This makes you ‘hammer and sickel’ person too. The only difefrence between you and this site is that you have only one hypothetical friend to whose defence you will rush if he is attacked. This site has millions of very real friends, for who it speaks. Both you and this site are the same. The difference is a matter of numbers. With Love, Indian Commenator

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