BBC Hard Talk: Teesta Setalvad on politics of communalism

This is Teesta Setalvad’s interview on BBC Hard Talk by Karan Thapar on 16.01.2004.

She spoke on the driving force behind battling communalism, majority and minority, starting Sabrang, Communalism Combat with husband-colleague Javed Anand. To develop an understanding of hatred and divisive politics, peacemakers at the grassroots Communalism have little to do with religion but the manipulation of faith in the pursuit of power.

Teesta Setalvad now 60 years old was detained by Gujarat ATS and then arrested by Gujarat Crime Branch in June 2022. Although India’s arguably the most well-known Human Rights Defender she remained incarcerated in Sabarmati jail for two months. Supreme Court gave her interim bail today ie 02/09/2002

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