What is Smriti Irani smoking?- Rukmini Sen

a) Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s “fortunes”, Smriti Irani, recently said “Its amazing how someone who has not been consistently employed for years has more money than me and my husband”

b) Smriti Irani , who is the BJP contestant for the Amethi Lok Sabha seat in UP, in her nomination declared that her family’s assets amounted to Rs 9 crore.

Smriti Irani suffers from delusions of grandeur and this is why I say so-

Smriti Irani hasn’t won a single Lok sabha election. She has no political or academic credentials like Pranab Mukherjee, Dr Manmohan Singh or Arun Jeitley to be a Minister. She has lied blatantly on paper and public platforms about her academic qualification. At best she is an excellemt flip-flop artiste.

Rahul Gandhi defeated Irani in Amethi in last general elections. Smriti Irani was defeated also by Kapil Sibbal in the elections before that. In spite of repeatedly losing general elections Smriti Irani apparently wonders about Rahul Gandhi’s employment status. She compares her combined “fortunes” earned by Television shows and her husband’s business with Rahul Gandhi’s assets.

Smriti Irani takes into account her family’s wealth. However, she conveniently skips Rahul Gandhi as a Member of Parliament and his family wealth. Its not Smriti Irani’s decision. Many people suffer these days from memory loss about Congress, Nehrus and Gandhis.

A flashback to where Rahul Gandhi comes from.

Rahul Gandhi belongs to Motilal Nehru’s family. Motilal was the most successful barrister of his time in Allahabad. He bought Anand Bhawan, a residence with more than forty rooms, a swimming pool, a tennis court among other small and big things. Anand Bhawan was the first house in Allahabad to get an electric connection. Motilal also bought the first car of Allahabad and in all probability the first car of United Province. He sent his son Jawahar to study at first in Harrow and then at Trinity College in Cambridge. Anand Bhawan was the center of political activity in United Province during the independence movement. Annie Basent, Mahatma Gandhi and other influential leaders were regular guests in his house. It was Motilal Nehru’s house where the whole of Allahabad burnt their silk and other rich clothes to choose Khadi,Gandhi and Ahimsa. Nehrus overnight shifted to wearing Khadi.

Lest Smriti forgets Rahul was also born in the family of the first Prime Minister of independent India who also happened to be a Barrister and a freedom fighter.

Had the third Prime Minister of independent India, his grandmother, Indira Gandhi not turned Anand Bhawan into a museum and gifted it to her people (Indians), Rahul Gandhi’s one property would have costed more than 9 crore.

Smriti Irani was a successful Television actor and producer for a few years. However, to imagine that her family’s fortunes would match the assets of a family which had successful barristers, Members of Parliament for four generations, a pilot and three “elected” Prime Ministers is preposterous.

Lastly, why are we talking about moneys? Why should Smriti Irani think that within one generation her family should have bigger “fortunes” than the Gandhis. Her husband is no Birla, TATA or Reliance- or is he?

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