She showed black flag to CM Yogi: Lucknow University refuses to release her result

Written by Siddhant Mohan | Published on: July 2, 2018
The University of Lucknow has allegedly refused to release the entrance result of Pooja Shukla, the girl who showed black flags to Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of the state, in 2017.

Pooja Shukla meeting with vice-chancellor of Lucknow University

Shukla, who graduated from the University in 2016, gave the entrance examination for Master in Arts in Women Studies on June 4. When the result of the same came up on June 28, Shukla couldn’t find her name on the website.

When she inquired about this with the University’s controller of examination, she was told that the orders to hold her results came from the “top”.

According to Shukla, Lucknow University has a policy of showing results of even those who have scored no marks in the merit list. In the light of the same fact, not showing Shukla’s result is the violation of University’s own policy.

Pooja Shukla shot to fame in 2017 when she hurled black flags at the convoy of Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of the state, in Lucknow. By then, Shukla was not a student of the University. For the same act, Shukla and others spent more than a month in prison.

Pooja Shukla, who is a member of Samajwadi Chhatra Sabha as well as of Samajwadi Party, has said that denying admission result is a repercussion of the same. “I met the Controller of Examinations and Chief Proctor yesterday, and they said that the order to stop my results came from the top.”

However, the university has also stopped results of about 30 students who applied across 40 courses, without giving any apparent explanation to the students.

Following this issue, Shukla met the University’s vice-chancellor with a delegation of five students. As per the allegations, vice-chancellor Prof SP Singh talked rudely with Shukla and her companions. Singh told students that the final decision to allow admission or not rested with him.

Singh allegedly also told Shukla that her result was denied as a result of her protest against the chief minister of the state, despite the fact that Shukla was not even a student of the university when she waved black flags at Yogi last year.

When tried to contact university officials regarding this story, the phone of almost every official went unanswered. Those who answered the calls refused to answer to the allegations. However, sources at the university said that the allegations made by student leader Pooja Shukla are true, and the University has been taking such steps after interest shown by Dinesh Sharma, the deputy chief minister of the state, an allegation which is yet to be confirmed.

Shukla has demanded that the University should give its stand in written otherwise she and several others will sit on fast until death from Monday.

Courtesy: Two Circles

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