NO BJP did NOT “Sweep” UP Municipal Election – Banojyotsna Lahiri

NO BJP did NOT “Sweep” UP Municipal Election! because the election was not about election of Mayor posts alone.
In the Mayor’s post, BJP won 14 out of 16 seats. But, that’s not all:

• For the post of Municipal Chairperson:
BJP candidates won – 69
Non BJP candidates won – 126
• for Nagar Panchayat President
BJP candidates won- 100
Non-BJP candidates won- 338
• Nagar Parishad posts
BJP candidates won- 596
non-BJP candidates won- 701
• Nagar Palika Members
BJP candidates won- 916
non-BJP candidates won- 4295
• Nagar Panchayat members
BJP candidates won- 663
non-BJP candidates won- 4715

■ You are being told that its a “saffron wash” because media is only focussing on Mayor election while ignoring the rest.
■ The Mayor election was the only one that took place through EVM..the rest were done through ballot papers.
■ About 70% of the elected representatives of the other posts are independent candidates.
■ In ward number 68 of Gorakhpur, where Yogi Adityanath had voted, independent candidate Nadira Khatoon has won defeating BJP’s Maya Tripathi.

source: UP State Election Commission website. Do go there and crosscheck.

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