DEVELOPING NEWS: Setalvad’s updates on being detained by Benaras Police

25th September, Benaras, India, 6:20pm- Teesta Setalvad was asked to give in writing that she wouldn’t visit Benaras Hindu University to show solidarity with the protesting students. Setalvad  refused to sign any such thing. She asked the police and the administration how can her freedom be curtailed? How can her movement be restrained in her own country? and how can she be stopped from showing solidarity to any democratic movement or protest? Setalvad added that Benaras Police was duly informed well in advance about her Youth Training program in Benaras. As Setalvad has protection from the Supreme Court of India city Police is always informed well in advance about her movement so that they can provide her security.

Teesta Setalvad is in detention. Its partly Beneras Police’s doing and largely on the insistence of “people above”.

Setalvad has asked the government to give the reason for her detention. She has asked the Police, the administration and the ruling dispensation to clarify whether she has been detained or arrested. She was being told by the Police different things at different times.

This is Setalvad’s hour by hour account of the detention by Beneras Police on Face book-

I have been arrested by Banaras poLice after being detained since 9.30 am. Had come for a programme of youth training but all I have been hearing since morning is are you going to BHU?


Police and SDM being shifty. No formal 0aper of preventive detention or arrest. Now trying to compel me to get “inside”…guest house…No formal charges


Update. NO formal arrest. Freedom curtailed. Gheraoed by Banaras and local SDM here. No idea whether preventive detention or arrest. How long will be freedom be curtailed?



Its now 5:15pm. There is not an inch that the Police is budging. Still here and still not communicating with me. It’s 7 hours and 45 minutes of being detained. Pathetic

(5.17pm )


SDM claims that they will soon take a bond and release. Let’s see.


For Citizen action call- 9454401637,  9454404379 (Cantonment Police)




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