Updated list on mob attacks and lynchings by gau rakshaks:


After Jharkhand lynching (in which 4 Muslims and 3 Hindus died), a list of all recent mob attacks on Muslims and cattle traders:

1. Sept 2015: Mohammad Akhlaq lynched in Dadri
2. Oct 2015 Zahid Rasool Bhatt, 16 years, died in a bomb attack on his truck in Udhampur
3.March 2016, suspected “cattle traders” Mohd. Majloom and Azad Khan hanged in Latehar
4. April 2017: Suspected cattle traders Abu Hanifa and Riazuddin Ali killed for allegedly stealing cattle in Assam
5.April 2017: Pehlu Khan died of injuries after being attacked in Alwar
6.Bulandshahr May 2017: Ghulam Mohammad killed for allegedly “helping” an inter-faith couple
7. May 2017: assault on Muslim youths in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh.
8. May 2017 Munna Ansari attacked in Jharkhand on “child lifter” rumour
9. May 2016. Muslim cops thrashed and forced to chant `Jai Bhawani’ in Latur, Maharashtra
10. May 2017: Two traders thrashed in malegaon, Maharashtra for allegedly storing beef.
11. Muslim man attacked in Dhanbad, Jharkand on suspicion he was taking beef to an Iftaar. June 7 2017.
12.Tamil Nadu animal husbandry dept officials transporting cattle in trucks attacked in Barmer. 12 June 2017
13. Zafar Husain lynched in Pratapgarh Rajasthan for trying to protect women. June 2017
14.1 lynched, 3 thrashed over beef rumours in Ballabhgarh, Haryana.

Courtesy: Muslim India


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