Kangana know your place-Deepak Venkatesha

Kangana & Anurag are a lesson for all of us. We are the “Outsiders”. We need to keep our head low, hang low and not really be seen. The ‘perks of being a wallflower’ is what we need to learn.

Rangoon & Bombay Velvet were not bad films. They have been classified as the worst because Icarus (Read Outsiders) tried to get too close to the Sun. A lot of films have been terrible and made really bad money but they were never vilified as much as Rangoon & Bombay Velvet. Go google on Roop Ki Rani, Mohenjadro, Kites, Asoka and these films are critiqued but not its makers or actors. With Rangoon and BV, its purely Kangana and Anurag that get beaten up. This is because the system and society if you want to call it did not like these “lower caste folk” to actually raise their head and talk the stuff they talked.

Their public speak, their opinion set them up for failure. Kangana & Anurag are classic examples of what the system can do when you don’t give a damn or don’t want to stick to Social norms. I have tried speaking my mind when there are 2 people including me and yet Hierarchy is at play. I have been told in clear words to shut up. Small forum and yet hierarchy and these 2, on the other hand, had the courage (read Gall) to speak their mind. They had to be put in their place. Kangana had a longer rope as she had a series of big hits much like the superstars. Films are a creative medium and hits/misses are a part and parcel but this vilification is classic patriarchy rearing its head and saying, shut up or else we will bury you when we get a chance.


The system is so deeply entrenched that even people remotely connected to the film industry have issues with Kangana. A girl with an accent like hers and a background like hers cannot have such strong opinions. They can be had by say someone born to the manor but not by Kangana. I have had many conversations with people who don’t even know films but hate Anurag. It’s as if his public persona and blog talk is what defines him and his work.

Yes, Nepotism does not exist. Patriarchy and Hierarchy do. You need to know your place and need to wait there patiently. Kangana was not willing to and will now have to face eternal damnation for being her.


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