Swara Bhaskar you rock-Lalita Ramdas

Lalita Ramdas was Former Board Chair at Greenpeace International. She was also Director at  Ankur society for alternatives in education.



Swara Bhaskar…proud of you..what an ambassador for Peace. And proud of the support she gets from her Navy parents and grand parents!

By the way Swara is the daughter of Commodore Uday [Sylvie] Bhaskar, and Ira Sinha.

bollywood-actress-swara-bhaskar-family-photos (1).jpg



And grand daughter of Cmdr S D Sinha and our lovely friend Rama.

We need thousands more like her, and the small but growing band of us ..the die hard peace mongers on both sides of the border.

And talking of people to people contact – maybe it has something to do with the fact that the marine fraternity have a different mind set – since they know that those blue waters on which they sail- touch so many land masses , continents and nations – and that the oceans bring people together and not divide and separate.

May be that’s why my old man – Ramu Ramdas – who first reacted negatively to the news that his daughter was madly in love with a dashing young Pakistani – finally was ready to give them his blessings when they wanted to get married a few months before he came up for selection as Chief of India’s Navy in 1990.


And that relationship – now married 27 years – has brought us an abiding set of family and friends across our troubled borders – not to mention a beautiful, eloquent and confident young grand daughter – our unmatched Indo-Pak-Amriki model!

We were being hosted by a retired Navy Club in Karachi some years ago. And one officer stood up and asked, “Admiral Sir, is it true that your daughter is married to a Pakistani – surely it could not be possible!”

Typically the Admiral pointed to me and asked me to tell the tale. After telling them this Love story and its happy ending – the entire retired Marine fraternity present, stood up and applauded.

Swara – you rock!

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