“I am Dominant” – Dontha Prashanth

Someone dubbed me dominant, am I not??? Indeed I am…


Dominant in confronting caste since childhood
Dominant in confronting inferiority for lacking in English
Dominant in speaking butler English as an aspiration to learn English
Dominant in challenging the stereotypes that Dalits cannot speak English
Dominant in articulating our experience which is othered as seeking identity
Dominant in sloganeering Jai Bhim and not Jai Bhim Lal Salaam
Dominant in making a choice to join Ambedkar Students Association
Dominant in standing up for the cause till Justice is realized
Dominant in lacking the option to choose a vacation during our struggle for Justice
Dominant in marching forward despite countless attacks behind the back
Dominant in realizing the power of self-respect vis-à-vis opportunism

I am Dominant in challenging victimhood and reclaiming resistance
Dominant in challenging invisible heckles which mocked my culture
Dominant in standing against psychological attacks endured from Caste-Hindus

If standing up to your conscience with reason for a larger good is dominant, then I am dominant.

Mahamanav Gautama Buddha when he was a member of Sakya Sangh opposed the majority mobisiation in favour a war with Kosalas in the larger interest of Sakyas, according to the rules of sangh whoever opposes the decision of sangh would be faced with punishment, and a punishment of social boycott against the family of Gautama Buddha gets imposed. After which, Buddha decides to take punishment by himself instead of subjecting his family to punishment, and offers an exile. Thus Buddha was dominant in sticking to his stance of not going for war despite majority mobilization for war, and stood to his decision despite foreseeing punishment…

I am dominant in even posting present post on Facebook without hiding my mistakes in the above writeup which are subject to corrections by a second person, which takes me to a higher level of dominance in challenging the shame attached with committing mistakes, without which learning becomes impossible…

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