Women and the Politics of Anti abortion Law – Anirban Bhattacharya

It’s quite telling that the first major “executive” attack (read the anti abortion advice law) from the leader of the “free world” is on women, and the first major anti-Trump protest in defence of democratic rights has also come from the women.

But here I’ll tell something that I find even more telling. Even in the revolutionary circles of this country, any of these hard-earned democratic rights of the women’s movement (say for instance, the right to divorce,) are considered as morally depraved outcomes of an imperialist conspiracy. The term they use for such women who speak up about their rights in intimate spaces and sexuality is “free sex theorists” (whatever that means)! In the moral & political universe of these revolutionaries, – abortion, divorce, LGBTIQ rights are still blasphemous and products of what they call “degenerate imperialist culture”. And if asked too many questions on this front, they tell you that you are “deviating” from the sacred class struggle which comes with the veiled threats to “fall in line”. But if one doesn’t, then of course they deploy their chosen weapons of slander and moral policing.

So, when we raise our voice against the Trump-bhakts or the Modi-bhakts, we cannot remain oblivious to bhakts of other hues who defend such feudal and anti-woman positions in the name of Marxism, Leninism or Maoism.

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