Good watch: Ode To Old 500 Rupee Note- Sawan Dutta

18th November, 2016

This is an Ode to the old Rs 500 Note, and some of the little pleasures and necessities of life that it has bought for me all my life, in the immediate aftermath of the demonetization of the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the Indian Govt.  While the rest of the country tries to come to grips with queuing up outside banks and ATMS to try and return these old notes and exchange them for legally valid notes of other denominations, and while a largely cash based economy struggles to move towards a plastic based world, here’s looking at some of the little things from my daily life, that I’ve never bought with plastic, that could only be bought with cash.


Song written, composed, produced, performed by Sawan Dutta

Video produced by CB Arun Kumar and Sawan Dutta, shot by CB, edited by Sawan


Here’s an ode to the old 500 note

It bought me many a thing I’d like to sing about

Someone wise said let’s demonetise

It was a good friend until the end, no doubt

It bought me bread and milk and eggs,

It bought me coffee and tea

Tickets on a train,

Extended rickshaw rides by the sea

It bought me fruit

It bought me veggies fresh from the cart,

It bought me fish for Machher Jhol

But now we have to part

So here’s my ode to the old 500 note

I’m standing in a queue like most of you

To turn it in

My final ode to the old 500 note

Goodbye my friend, this is the end

You’re headed for the bin!

(Courtesy: The Metronome- Ode To Old Rs 500 Note- Sawan Dutta)

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