Don’t be ridiculous Modiji: Sensational speech on Demonetization? – Mohan Guruswamy

The Prime Minister is making a clown of himself by making unintelligent and sensationally emotional speech justifying the foolish implementation of the so-called demonetization.


We are now allowed to exchange our higher denomination notes till December 30. That is why it is not demonetization because the notes can still be exchanged for a finite period. The misuse of terms is now becoming an habit with this government, just like the misuse of ‘surgical strikes’ was.

If the idea was to flush the money the government could have required the exchange against disclosure of details like PAN and Adhaar. The government could have prepared itself and anticipated the bedlam by printing small currency and the replacement notes in quantities. Instead the government’s immature implementation will drain the economy of its lifeblood and cause huge losses to the unorganised trade and farm sector. The nation would have then supported him wholeheartedly. He is causing untold misery to poor people and daily wage earners. His equally dense FM suggests use of plastic instead of cash. Like Marie Antoinette suggested eating cake when there was no bread?

Lastly the PM should tell the nation where he got the thousands of crore to finance his drive to become the PM? Instead he is trying to cast himself as the sole fighter against corruption and seeks to label critics as supporting corruption.

Don’t be ridiculous Modiji.

(Courtesy: Mohan Guruswamy)


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