#Bring Back Najeeb – Day 12- CM Delhi, PM India Quiet!



Police crackdown on student protestors demanding #JusticeForNajeeb again: Police brutally attacked the protestors in front of Vasant Vihar police station, pulled them, punched them, kicked, chocked students along with choicest of abuses. Students have been detained.

Najeeb 8.jpg

The students were demanding that those from ABVP who assaulted Najeeb be interrogated and campus be thoroughly searched. It has been 12 days since Najeeb’s dissapperance and these basic things haven’t been done.

JNU students said today- “Tumhari lathiya kam pad jayengi, hamara andalon nahi tutega! Down with RSS-ABVP-Police nexus!”


JNU 7.jpg




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