Saat Uchakkey: A Modern fairy tale destroyed with an Adult certificate

Written by Shweta Dutt

A film with an innocent heart. That is what Saat Uchakkey is. Funny, thrilling, innocent and a joy ride. Yes, sometimes snipped badly…and yet a film that will make you smile!

Saat Uchakkey is an aesthetically scripted and directed film by debutant director Sanjeev Sharma. The world that Sanjeev Sharma explores is simple, basic but surreal. It has the old world charm of a fairy tale where the exciting wins over the mundane. Where the poor dreams of being better off. Where good wins over evil.

This is a fun story of a treasure hunt outside and within!

Sanjeev Sharma who has earlier written some kick ass lyrics for the band Indian Ocean keeps the film classy and yet accessible. He has shot the film like South American film greats. The roads and homes of Saat Uchakkey are local. Sharma’s  aesthetics , however, is global . His characters seem to be strolling out of  any Indian old city backyard but there is something new and interesting to see in  every frame.

Sharma’s technical team has delivered. The Cinematography, Editing, Art direction and music all make his work look effortless. A good team was at play here.

Saat Uchakkey has an intriguing character played by Anu Kapur. Its evident that bad scissors cut out a large chunk of this important character. However, the risk to dabble with magic realism in a popular narrative is commendable. Sanjeev explores elements of trans-realism sans black magic and superstition.  Something rare in Indian films.

Saat Uchakkey is funny because of the comic timing of its actors. Manoj Bajpayee, KK and Vijay Raaz are brilliant. Aditi Sharma is a revelation. Beautiful, vibrant and an actress with loads of chutzpah. She is a winner all the way with this film.


However, it is Sharma’s casting of the lanky and puny Chor/thief, the old woman of the Nawaab ki Haweli and the three side kicks that adds power to the film.

The screenplay moves smoothly in the first half. Its at the very end when we  strongly feel some important threads to Anu’s character were missing. Were they brutally snipped on the way?

Looks like the writer/director wanted to explore transcendental treasures but something came in the way. Was it at the level of scripting or editing ? The Director superficially touches the often discussed connect between spiritual exploration and delusions/hallucinations in psychiatry… it would have been nice to see more!

What would have been best for the movie, however, is some support from the certification board…Well …lets not even go there…ADULT! How? why?

This is a film you could have seen with your children!


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