Developing Story: What will PM do to ensure Najeeb’s safety?

Update on today’s protest for #JusticeForNajeeb:







crackdown by Delhi police on students. First they diverted the buses of protesters to Jantar Mantar. The students  refused to be caged by the barricades around  them at Jantar Mantar and marched forward breaking the barricades.

On the way to Ministry of Home Affairs the police personnel tried to stop students of Jawaharlal Nehru University many times beating them on the way. According to student leader Umar Khalid’s Facebook post “Finally at Rail Bhawan they bundled all of us into buses and have brought us to Parliament street police station. Spread the word.”


The movement for #JusticeForNajeeb will rage on till he is found.

“Delhi Police wake up!”

Social Networking sites are abuzz with concerns and questions for Najeeb. The legal and human rights forum in UP that extends legal aid to Muslim and Dalit youth has questioned why IB has not been able to track Najeeb’s whereabouts-

रिहाई मंच का सवाल:

Umar Khalid के भाषण के पीछे हाफिज सईद का हाथ खोज लेने वाली आईबी नजीब के ग़ायब होने की वजह क्यों नहीं खोज पा रही?

BBC Hindi reported how Najeeb’s mother just wanted her son back and was promising the Police never to return.

Najeeb 4.jpg

On October 18th some JNU students posted that JNU NSUI had organised a Public meeting in JNU on “Modi sarkar and national internal security”, where Mr Digvijay Singh and Prof Mohan Gopal came as speakers . Their national president Ms Amrita Dhawan, General Secretary Ms Leni Jadhav and Salman Nizami AICC spokesperson had joined them to show solidarity with #Najeeb.

Although Mr Singh had come to JNU for Public meeting but he stood firmly in support of “our missing brother #Najeeb.”

Mr Singh reiterated JNU students community’s stand #FindNajeebNow.


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