Power to “Bharat Ki Mata nahee Banengey!” #PinjraTod – Rukmini Sen

Bharat Ki Mata nahee Banengey!#PinjraTod

Why did the girl students in Delhi scream “Bharat Ki Maata Nahee banengey” ?
Lets try understanding what do people mean by Bharat Mata. Who is Bharat Mata ?

Is it the land that you call Bharat Mata? Is it the women of the land you call Bharat Mata? Who do you worship? the land? the women of the land?


On one hand you go Bharat Mata ki Jay (Hail Mother India) and on the other you call your batchmates Randi/Whore! As if Randi is an insult? As if a Randi can not be a Mata?  as if Randis/whores/sex workers lack the physical, mental, emotional “power” or desire to be a mother?

Then again- Why should all women be Matas? or Bharat Matas? (I am giving more importance to women of the land than the land and presuming you talk about worshiping the women of the land and not just the land…or that you consider real women exist somehow…Mata or not! ).

Then again…Many women don’t want to be Matas or can’t be Matas. They don’t want to be respected because they are someone’s Mata/Mother, Sister, Bhabhi etc…they just want to live…most that I know of don’t want to be worshiped. They can do very well with equality, no harassment at work, no dowry, respect for girl child.


I for sure don’t want either to be on a pedestal or to be cleaning anyone else’ laundry…I want to be…

I want to live. I neither want to be worshiped nor sexually harassed…or eve “teased” on roads!

This is why the slogan of Bharat Mata Ki jay is a problem ! or any Nation State Mata is a problem. The focus shifts from its people to the Land. The focus shifts from the poorest and most vulnerable women to the woman who can give birth in a certain kind of hetero-normative marriage and relationship! Every body is to be treated equally…not just the body that gives physical birth…and only within marriage! The DEVI and Non-Devi binary dis-empowers women…

Before you endorse Bharat Mata ki Jay…remember worshiping any Devi never helped the woman in the society. The whole concept of purity and Devi etc enabled patriarchy to come up with the practice  of Sati and Devdasis. Its not that the people who scream Bharat Mata Ki Jay…don’t engage with Dowry, Famale infanticide, domestic violence…

Treat women as humans…your equals…not Devis on one hand…and as an object of your sexual fantasy on the other!

When you love a slogan…and attach it with some idea of absolute patriotism…do look into all the discourses that don’t believe in them…may be there is reason for disliking a slogan! A solid one!

In the end more power to campaign #Pinjatod. More power to all the women who occupy streets and public life!

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