Mumbai shouted “Jai Bhim”


Babasaheb Ambedkarancha Vijay AsoJai Bhim!

Azad maidan on the 12th of August 2016 echoed with slogans raised in anger and protest, against the atrocities being meted out on Dalit communities all across the country in recent times.

The Atmasanman Rally  (Self respect rally) organised by Una Dalit Atyachar Kruti Samiti, Mumbai saw the coming together of all forces fighting for social justice in our country to raise their voices in unison against the attack that our democracy is under. The event saw politicians and bureaucrats walking in to extend solidarity with the cause. A unanimous call for Dalit and Religious minorities to join arms in battle against Right wing fascism that has infested our country was raised. Activists from different parts of Maharashtra, working in various aspects of social justice came on stage to mark their solidarity with the movement. Dalit cultural activists also attended the event and spoke up against the atrocities that are on the rise against the many marginalisations in India.

One of the major stands the protest made was to make it clear that whenever the foundations of a democratic and secular India are threatened, all movements will rally to defend it. Hordes of people from the left leaning parties, organisations working with religious minorities and organisations working on women’s issues came together on one dais to express solidarity and unity in protecting the constitutional values of India.

Students from various universities across Mumbai also participated in the protest. Anger and frustration with the government’s conviction to crush dissent in all forms was also raised as an issue by the protestors.


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