FCRA cancellation a day before Gulberg final verdict

Today, June 17 is the day that final judgment will be delivered in the Gulberg Society Massacre.

At 11:30 am when many were debating the timing of the cancellation of FCRA licence of an NGO run by activist Teesta Setalvad , the lady in the center of the storm typed – Time to prepare for judgment!

The report card so far on Gulberg massacre case-

The advocates for the survivors, backed by Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) have made out a strong case for Compensation under Section 357 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. After June 2, when Judge PB Desai first declared that a total of 24 persons have been convicted and that the charge of conspiracy not accepted, there were three further dates when detailed arguments, largely on behalf of the accused (for reduction of sentence) took place. SM Vohra with Salim Shaikh argued strongly for a strong life term for all accused and also submitted written arguments.


Yesterday i.e, on the 16th of June after the cancellation of FCRA Javed Anand, Chief Functionary and Secretary of Sabrang Trust said –

“Today’s order of the Union Home Ministry cancelling the FCRA registration of Sabrang Trust brings no surprise to its Trustees.”

In their earlier communications with the Home Ministry, the Trustees had responded to the alleged FCRA violations point-by-point, para-by-para, pointing out how the allegations showed a complete non-application of mind.

That the cancellation order was imminent was apparent from the mere show of a personal hearing granted to Sabrang Trust on April 11, 2016. The hearing was over in less than 10 minutes – Javed Anand

Javed Anand said – The Trustees regret to note that today’s order of the Home Ministry is simply a mechanical reiteration of the very same allegations made earlier, in total disregard to the detailed and reasoned explanations and arguments put forward by the Trust.

Javed Anand added- “Sabrang Trust will actively explore all legal options to challenge the Home Ministry’s order cancelling its FCRA registration.  ”

Sabrang Trust will actively explore all legal options to challenge the Home Ministry’s order cancelling its FCRA registration.

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