Mutton, Beef and a man called Akhlaq – Anand Patwardhan

For all those who say, so what if the Dadri meat was beef, please get a reality check. We live in an india maddened by manufactured Hindutva hatred against Muslims. This is election season. The political gains from claiming it was beef are enormous.


Haq 9

In ancient India’s laboratories, an elephant head could be transplanted onto a human body. In Modi’s modern India laboratory certified mutton can become certified beef in 8 months, just in the nick of time for the UP elections

Incidentally even the Mathura lab report (if indeed it is an authentic document with a proper seal) says that this meat was not what was confiscated from Akhlaq’s fridge but was found in the trijunction near his house. Who put it there remains to be investigated. Is this the same meat that was certified 8 months ago as mutton? Why was a new test required at all? What exactly took the new lab 8 months?

If we ask similar questions about Malegaon blasts we will get similar answers. What happened to the confessional statements of several Hindutva accused who admitted before a magistrate under section 164 that they were involved in bomb blasts for which Muslim accused had been earlier arrested?

Anand Patwardhan

These confessions “vanished” last month. New section 164 statements were then recorded (an unheard of practice anywhere in the world) in which the Hindutva accused completely reversed their statements so that Sadhvi Pragya can now walk free. Soon to be followed by Colonel Purohit who is accused of distributing RDX for bomb blasts carried out across the country.

Yes Acche Din. For all those who dream of economic prosperity for the super rich even as our country descends into becoming another failed state like Pakistan.

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