Hansal Mehta presents : Reach For The Stars – Rohith Vemula’s Last Words


Rohith Vemula’s last words. An important document of our times. The first in a series of monologues.

We are currently in a time where showcasing myself as a filmmaker is irrelevant. The freedoms and rights guaranteed by our constitution are being taken away from us by polarising forces. Rohith’s letters express the anguish of a nation at the threshold of revolt against these forces. Our freedoms, rights, equality and aspirations are being trampled upon. We are being silenced into meek submission by an apathetic establishment. Our students are the only hope for resistance in these troubled times. My intention is to simply play Rohith’s letters as monologues and to provoke us to think about the perils of further polarisation.

Thank you Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Rajkummar Rao Swanand Kirkire Arnab Gayan Apurva M Asrani Harshit Sharma Alok Tripathi Vipul Arora and all the wonderful friends who worked to make this small tribute possible.


Star DustStar 2.jpg



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