Mumbai Stands With JNU, Soni Sori & Rohith Vemula


Published on Feb 23, 2016

Nearly 100 protesters gathered outside CST Station in Mumbai in solidarity with JNU Students, Soni Sori and Rohith Vemula’s struggle and faced off police double their number.

The police cited some High court order saying even a silent protest was not allowed even when the protesters pointed out that they were not shouting any slogans and were distributing pamphlets peacefully. The protesters managed to carry on for 40 odd minutes before the police asked them to leave or get arrested which they did after a minute of sloganeering. The police ensured that the protesters went no where but to Azad maidan where it concluded with protest slogans and music.

Produced by: Vivek Sundara
Camera and Edit: Satyen K. Bordoloi

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