Arrest of Comrade Kanhaiyya an “over reaction” of Delhi Police

The Indian Security agencies have said that arrest of JNUSU President (student wing of CPI) Kanhaiyya was result of “over excited” Delhi Police action, that Kanhaiyya might have intervened in the fight between some Kashmiri boys who were raising slogans and ABVP students, he was there perhaps only as the President of JNU Students to maintain calm and quiet in the campus.

After JNUSU President Kanhaiyya and some other students were arrested JNUSU Vice President Shehla Rashid had addressed the students of JNU on the 14th of february. She answered the question that Kanhaiyya was asked in court on “Kissey Chahiye Azadi”.



CPI (Communist Party of India) , CPIM (Communist Party of India Marxist) and CPIML have Indian parliamentary position on Kashmir and Indian Nation State.

CPI Maoist (a combination of MCC, People’s War group and Party Unity) which is an underground party has always supported Kashmir’s azadi.

In the recent chain of events some people clubbed the Marxists and the Maoists on the social networking sites  as an elusive monolithic left. The fact is that CPI, CPIM and CPIML don’t endorse Communist Party of Maoists’ strategy. The formers calls the latter reactionary. The Marxists in West Bengal who governed the state for 35 years fought the maoists and considered them their most serious enemy and detractor.

When the Police and the journalists got busy “engaging” with all left leaning people of the JNU campus, the student wing of  CPIM (SFI ) issued their statement on the video that became viral on the Social networking sites. The video showed some unknown students raising anti India slogans-


Statement of the Central Executive Committee of SFI on the developments in JNU:

The Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India strongly condemns the secessionist slogans raised by a section of students. Such irresponsible slogans cannot be accepted at any cost. We are against all kind of separatist tendencies.

SFI has had a glorious history of struggle against the secessionist forces across the country. Hundreds of SFI activists have given the supreme sacrifice of their lives while fighting against the secessionist forces in Assam and Punjab in the 1980s. SFI was the only organization which had the courage to give the slogan “We will let our bodies be cut into pieces, but not allow to break this country.” We not only cherish this rich history but are carrying it forward as well.

RSS-ABVP is using this incident to attack the democratic ethos of JNU and paint all left students’ organizations as ‘anti-national’. SFI’s Uttarakhand state committee office was attacked by ABVP using the JNU incident as the pretext. Social media campaign ‪#‎ShutdownJNU‬ is being run, targeting the entire university as ‘anti-national.’ There are concerted efforts to tarnish the entire left and democratic students’ movement. In the last 24 hours, SFI’s offices in Dehradun and Lucknow have been attacked by ABVP.

Heavy police machinery has been deployed inside the JNU campus and police has started indiscriminate combing operation in the hostels.

CEC of SFI calls upon all democratic sections to maintain steadfast unity against this assault on the democratic processes, particularly in JNU. We can’t allow fascist outfits to use the actions of some of the misguided elements to attack the entire university.

This is the video of JNUSU President Kanhaiyya Kumar who had spoken on the alleged anti-India  slogans raised by some JNU students-

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