Justice for Rohith: Police Brutality in Delhi – Sanghapali Aruna Kornana

First you hit peaceful protestors. Then you also hire goons? Who is that man in grey jacket hitting men and women?#DelhiPoliceHiresGoon and #WhyDontYouShootUsDelhiPolice

The Delhi police opened lathi charge on the students who were peacefully marching towards the RSS office in New Delhi.

They beat many of the students  brutally till they bled. Some Rss goons too joined in beating the students who were let free by the police.

When I was taking video of the police lathi charging the students I noticed one of this RSS goons throwing a blue colour rod on the students.I shouted from behind and saw the police picking him up.

When I asked the police to catch him, that person held my hand and dragged me….When I screamed out loud, to my utter shock one of the policeman rather than rescuing me, he hit my camera with all his might.
Shame on the BJP government and it’s RSS agenda.

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