Begum Qudsia Zaidi was a writer, social worker, and theatre practitioner who played a seminal role in the development of theatre in India post-Independence. In 1957-58 she set up, with Habib Tanvir, the Hindustani Theatre that became the cradle for some of the greatest theatre artists in the country.
Qudsia 1.jpg
She also translated more than 20 plays of World Theatre from Sanskrit plays of Kalidasa to the works of Bertolt Brecht, Henrik Isben and even Bernard Shaw. She also wrote a number of plays for children. All her works – be they transliterations or original works – despite the passing of half a century, have surprised theatre lovers with their continued freshness and brilliance.
This bright light of Indian theatre, its first lady, died early at the age of 46 leaving the nation bereft of a bright luminary who in her short span of 12 years in theatre gave works that continue to light the way for Indian theatre lovers.

Qudsia 3

This video was recorded during the Chaupal event to commemorate 101 years of Begum Qudsia Zaidi on December 27, 2015.
Camera & Edits: Satyen K. Bordoloi
Produced by: Vivek Sundara

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