2013 Muzaffarnagar riots is the worst communal violence in India in the last decade. When communal and hate politics are taking center stage in Indian politics and society, the mainstream media cites’ administrative failure as the reason for this widespread attack on Muslims. This film, is a simple collation of narratives of the survivors plight, anguish, sorrows and helplessness of riots victims. Through these testimonies film investigates into the ploy of the hate politics played out by the hindu right wing organizations in Western UP to tear apart the social fabric for electoral games. The film has unbelievable footage of live riots, people with guns and swords on the road, houses and shops burning and provocative speeches in the maha panchayat which has not yet come in the public domain. More than 180 women have been raped in Muzaffarnagar riots. But only 6 FIR’s have been registered. According to official version 59 people including 13 Hindus have been killed. Independent estimates say more than 150 Muslims have been killed including the missing persons. The riots had displaced nearly 150000 Muslims. Thousands still remain in the relief camps. Search for justice continues ……

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