Mumbai University Students show solidarity with FTII student protest

A protest demonstration was organized today under the banner of UCDE at main gate of Kalina campus, MU against the brutal police lathicharge and arrest of 40 FTII students.

On 7 January the students of FTII had organized a protest at the main gate against what they called “the autocratic attitude of the government in foisting people with shady credentials on posts of vital importance”. The students had gathered at the gate to raise their voices against the discontent at the arrival of Gajendra chauhan at FTII .


The police opened lathicharge at the peacefully protesting students and arrested more than 40 students. One of the students said “The anti student and fascist character of the government has been exposed by this lathicharge yet again.”
Narayan from UCDE said that BJP after Congress is pushing forth the agenda of privatizing education at such a rapid rate that it is becoming almost impossible for a person coming from weaker sections to even afford formal education. Apart from privatization the saffronization of education is also one of the top most priority of the RSS led BJP. The agenda of saffronization is being furthered by foisting sangh sympathizers at the helm of affairs in institutes of higher education and learning.

The appointment of Gajendra chauhan and four other into the FTII society is also part of the same agenda. Narayan further added that modi government came to power monopolizing on the politics of religion and fake promises, ever since Modi has come to power the attacks on rational thinkers, freedom of expression have increased many folds, students are being treated like terrorists, they are being watercannoned, teargassed, lathicharged and arrested if they raise their voice against the wide spread polarization and communal hatred. Students and youth of the country have to come forward to fight against these fascist powers.

Pamphlets were distributed amongst the students urging them to join the struggle. Students from different colleges came to support the students of FTII

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