FTII Society Nominates Rajkumar Hirani to Governing Council


Chaos in FTII

  • Gajendra Chauhan assumes office as the Chairman of FTII.
  • Chauhan chairs his first FTII Society meeting.
  • FTII Society nominates Rajkumar Hirani and 5 others to the Governing Council.
  • Chauhan’s appointment has witnessed strong protests from students.
  • Students continue to stand outside the campus and shout slogans.
  • More than 20 students detained and several manhandled by cops.
Jan 07 2016 12:44
Jan 07 2016 10:50

The 52nd meeting of the FTII Society took place in Pune. The 128th Governing Council meeting of FTII is now on.

(Photo: @pibmumbai/ twitter)
(Photo: @pibmumbai/ twitter)
Jan 07 2016 14:09
Jan 07 2016 13:11

“Gajju Humse Darta Hai, Police ko Aagey Karta Hai”

(Courtesy: The Quint)

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta posted a picture on twitter expressing his anger against the government.


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