Gandhi Peace Festival 2015 – Harmony Rocks! A Festival of its kind!

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If there was one art form that Gandhi fully patronised, it was Music. To pay tribute to the spirit of the Mahatma, musicians from across the country got together on Bapu’s birthday – October 2, 2015 at Bandra Amphitheatre, Bandstand, Mumbai to pay a musical tribute to Mahatma.

The Gandhi Peace Festival 2015 – Harmony Rocks went on despite rain playing spoilsport. The event began late, but was packed beyond capacity and hundreds had to be denied entry.

The bands that performed are: 7TH AAYAM, SWAANG, MANISH J. TIPU’S NEO GHARANA, NEERAJ ARYA’S KABIR CAFÉ and bollywood’s present heartthrob SHILPA RAO.

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The event began with 7th Ayyam rapping on peace, non violence and Gandhi. An unpredictable beginning. One would have expected an event like this to begin with a bhajan. However, it was refreshing to see how the youth have internalized Gandhi’s philosophy and found their own way of expressing solidarity with the peace cause.

Next came Swaang. Perhaps the most political band of the evening. They began with a  Faiz Ahmed Faiz song and then moved to some remarkably  original numbers.

The event was made possible by the generous support of associate partner Union Bank, online partner Culture Machine, online radio partner Radio City and a wide range of donors committed to Gandhi’s ideas of peace and social harmony with the help of Bombay Rock Association.

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