“Nobody has more right to live in this country than me, and I am not going to leave. So shut up”, says Shah Rukh Khan


Shahrukh Khan, during a Twitter townhall with a leading media outfit, said that he is open to the idea of  giving up his award as a symbolic means of protest against extreme intolerance in India.

“Yes, as a symbolic gesture I would give it up,” the actor said, referring to the spate of other film personalities, artists, writers, scientists and others who have returned awards as a measure of protest in recent months. “I do think there is intolerance. There is extreme intolerance,” the actor added in a hard hitting statement.

Shahrukh Khan, when asked about communalism in the country, reiterated the importance of India’s secular fabric. When asked about his identity as a Muslim in India, the actor said: “No one can question my patriotism. How dare anyone?” adding that the biggest mistake a patriot could make was to go against secularism.


Actor Shah Rukh Khan, celebrating his 50th birthday, spoke to some of the leading journalists of the country about his big day, religion and, of course, romance.

Here are the highlights of what SRK said in some of his interviews:

shahrukhkhan-jan30 SRK

1. In the West, opinions are respected. In our country, I think opinion is taken with a little more aggression if it doesn’t agree with yours

2. I don’t speak my mind often enough because I worry my film get into trouble

3. Whoever takes a stand against creative people will face a huge backlash

4. Religion cannot be defined by our meat-eating habits

5. In my house, everyone is free to follow their religion. My kids were confused about whether they were Muslim or Hindu, I said ‘why not Christian?’

6. Religious intolerance, or intolerance of any kind, is the worst thing and will take us to the dark ages. Indians lose face over the questions that are asked

7. If you are a patriot, you must love your country as a whole, not parts of it as religions and regions

8. Anupam Kher should be able to give his opinion about another director and be able to have a discussion about it. That’s tolerance

9. I think it’s very brave of those returning their awards. I am on their side. If they tell me to join them on a march or a press conference, I would

10. Personally, it’s too much of symbolism to return my awards. Just returning something, I am not a believer in that

11. I think the FTII students are completely on the right side. Some words or actions may sound wrong, that’s natural when you are on a strike or a fast and passions run high. But I think the students are right

12. I have a weapon on my side. I think I am extremely lived by people. If someone takes a stand against me, I have enough people to love me back

13. I am not scared, just selfish sometimes. I don’t want a nuisance, I am scared of a nuisance. I work 18 hours a day and I need to be left alone to do my job

14. It is very degrading and humiliating to have to prove my patriotism

15. I am an Indian-born movie star. I am an Indian-born Indian. I am Indian – how does that get questioned?

16. Nobody has more right to live in this country than me, and I am not going to leave. So shut up

17. Somewhere the decision to send the children abroad to study is so they wouldn’t have to deal with the security and my stardom

18. The fact that we need to keep on talking about the three Khans to prove how secular India is means that India is not. We don’t need ‘Khans shining’ to prove that India is shining 24. If we start curbing creativity, we will be making more unsecular people

19. At 50, I can still do the dance and the hands and the cartwheel and I can still dignify a lady so much that she will fall in love with me. I think that is what romance is

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13 thoughts on ““Nobody has more right to live in this country than me, and I am not going to leave. So shut up”, says Shah Rukh Khan

  1. Thanks for compiling good statements. Points no. 19 to 24 are missing. It’s a straight jump from 18 to 25, was that intentional?

  2. Reblogged this on The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker and commented:
    This is how I felt while living in Maharashtra (etc). I did not intend or care or feel the need to learn the language or culture of anywhere in India to live there. Being a law abiding citizen of India was enough. There was nothing to prove to fellow citizens no matter which part of the country they lived or ‘belonged to’.

  3. We cannot and will not tolerate any political move to drive India into a non-secular nation. Fanaticism is unacceptable and Religion or Religios Rituals cannot be forced on anyone anywhere.

  4. Could someone link me to an article which talks about what Religious Rituals were forced ? I am missing that part of the whole conversation and feeling outcast

  5. I am an atheist. Nothing bothers me. I am born Hindu. I wonder why even the government is so fanatic. How democracy can reward me for belonging to any religion. I eat everything under the sun. ……Ye kya ho raha hai mere Hindustan mai. Maine Apne dono bache bahar bhej diye is Hindustan se. Intolerance has been the factor.

  6. India is not forcing Hinduism on the Muslims like Mr. Shah Rukh Khan or others. India is saying that Pakistan was created to separate Muslims from Hindus to avert any clashes, riots and destruction. You may call religion as fanaticism but religion is not fanaticism. Even I am an atheist, but I cannot ignore history and things happening around in the 2 countries. Hindus and Muslims are totally different in lifestyle, epics, mythology, they have different heroes and history, and in general, do not gel well with each other. Hence, we will not allow Muslims to stay in India as citizens, only welcome them as guests. So, all Muslims staying here should leave India, with respect and similarly Hindus living in Pakistan must come back to India, with sage passage ensured by 2 nations mutually. Political parties offering exclusive benefits to only Muslims in India are the gainers, thus generating discontent among Hindus. If this so-called re-separation does not happen, there is bound to be bloodsheds all around and ultimately, Muslims including celebrities and the richest and most powerful ones will also be thrown out of India. So, why wait for the worst when you can peacefully exit?

    1. Mr Sunil you are such a uneducated piece of shit. Get your facts right. Go do your study properly. And at no cost Muslims will leave this country. You spoke like this country is bought over by your father.

    2. With due respect Mr. Madhogarhia… you should get an appointment with a psychiatrist as soon as possible… We are a democracy and you are free to post anything you want on internet… but I am afraid (myself being a PhD in Neuroscience and studying Molecular Psychiatry) that you could put yourself in real trouble with such an attitude 🙂 Wish you all the best

  7. If muslims & christians & sikhs & other religion except hindus of India exit the country, The next behind them will be the dravidians of India who has to exit the nation. This is the same idea of hitler to create an aryan race nation. Dravidians are the real Indians and aryans are from persia. These aryans are war loving people. The ancestors of majority north Indian people are from persia. Thats why they look beautiful. First they want muslims to exit nation because they (aryans) have utterly lost in majority of battles with muslims. So they want muslims to go out, for that reason, they are oppressing muslims. The aryans ruling the India, today, knows very well that they can easily defeat the hindu dravidians and take the whole nation (repetition of history).
    In short words, the plans of aryan hindu rulers is to create division among Indians on the basis of religion first and after it becomes successful, second phase is the division among Indian hindus on the basis of caste.
    Very crooked and war loving people. But dont take this ideology towards the wrong person. Muslims wont be like jews who were oppressed by hitler. After a limit, the vigorous fight against oppression will be started. So better not to break the peace in our lovely nation.

  8. I think the word Intolerance is taken incorrectly.
    Such words should not come from an Actor who has a large presence. With responsibility he should voice his opinion with care.

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