Shilpa Rao will sing for Gandhi Peace Festival 2015 – Harmony Rocks!

Shilpa RaoShilpa Rao the fantastic playback singer of English Vinglish, Paa, Bachna E Haseeno will celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday on the 2nd of October with roughly 1000 people in Bandra Fort Amphitheatre. She will sing some of her melodious numbers and celebrate peace and harmony.

harmony_rocks_logo_white_light_blueShilpa Rao 3

Interestingly Shilpa Rao hasn’t charged a penny for this event. Gandhi Peace Festival 2015 – Harmony Rocks is being organised by Bombay Rock Association and a motley of volunteers.

Gandhi Peace Festival

Some of Shilpa’s lovely songs are here for you to check out –

Bombay Rock Association is dependent on donations. You can donate generously here-


Music Lovers, Peace Lovers, People lovers and India key Deewano be there! It is a show free for all!

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