No woman can be dismissed from service when she’s pregnant: Bombay High Court tells Zee News

In a historic order, the Bombay High Court decides to upheld a lower court order which reinstated a woman broadcast news channel reporter.
26 Mumbai Bombay High Court Close Up From Oval Maiden-newsx
In a historic order – the first court order concerning broadcast news channel employees – the Bombay High Court has ruled that no woman employee can be terminated from services if she’s pregnant. This is an interim order in the case that was filed in 2012.
The order was passed after Zee news challenged the order of the Honourable Industrial Court which upheld an earlier order of the Honourable Labour court that directed Zee news to reinstate the employee or deposit 50% of her wages in court.
The employee who was working as a reporter had filed a case against Zee news alleging that she was terminated after she had informed the company that she was pregnant. Zee news on the other hand, had argued in court that the termination was on grounds of non-performance.
Now three courts have held that employees cannot be terminated when they are pregnant. The Bombay High Court has also said that the Maternity Benefits Act of 1961 clearly makes it illegal for companies to terminate employees when they are pregnant.
The matter is now poised to be heard at the Supreme Court of India of Zee News decides to appeal. ‎If Zee doesn’t appeal at the Supreme Court then the matter will go back at the Labour Court where it will be heard on merits.

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