BEKAAR KUTTE: Useless street dogs by Swaang


Poetry : Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Music : Rohit Sharma
Video Director : Ravinder Randhawa
Editor : Anupama Chabukswar
Additional Lyrics : Swaang
Featuring : Pankaj Badra, Prabhat Raghunandan
Band- Swaang


ये गलियों के आवारा बेकार कुत्ते
काले पीले नीले सब रंगदार कुत्ते
कि बख्शा गया जिनको जौके गदाई
ज़माने की फटकार सरमाया इनका
जहाँ भर की दुत्कार इनकी कमाई
बस ट्रक ट्रेन और ट्रामों में
बेशुमार कुत्ते !

ना आराम शब को ना राहत सवेरे
गलाज़त में घर नालियों में बसेरे
जो बिगडें तो इक दूसरे से लड़ा दो
ज़रा एक रोटी का टुकडा दिखा दो
फुटपाथों पे ख़र्च होते ये तमाम कुत्ते !

ये हर एक की ठोकरें खाने वाले
ये फाकों से उकता कर मर जाने वाले
ये मजलूम मखलूक गर सर उठाये
तो इन्सां सब सरकशी भूल जाए
ना खूटें न ज़ंजीरें बेलगाम कुत्ते !

ये चाहें तो दुनिया को अपना बना लें
ये आकाओं की हड्डियां तक चबा लें
कोई इनको अहसास-ए-जिल्लत दिला दे
कोई इनकी सोई हुई दुम हिला दे
दस बीस चालीस सौ करोड़ कुत्ते !


English Translation

Oh these vagabond, useless street dogs,
Colourful in all hues- black yellow blue..
The pleasures of beggary is their sole inheritance,
The abuses of all, their one possession,
And the curses of the world their only earning.
In buses, in trains, in trams are stuffed these countless dogs.

Neither rest at night, nor relief at dawn,
Housed in filth, in sewers their shelters are built upon.
If they be provoked, have them fight one another,
Else throw them a piece of bread.. (And watch them trample each other and smother)
Spent, on foot-paths they lie in hundreds, these wasted dogs!

Beaten by one and all, these dogs
Dying fatigued by starvation and hunger, these dogs
Would these oppressed of the world merely lift their head up simply,
Men would forget their lording- arrogant and masterly.
Neither direction, nor corner stones, nor chains, these unrestrained dogs!

If they will it, they can own the world;
If they will it, they can chew on the bones of their masters, their lord,
Would someone merely awaken them to their humiliation;
Someone merely shake that sleeping tail and let them awaken!
10.. 20..40 million.. Nay! One billion are these street dogs!

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