Facebook disables Dilip Mandal’s account: He is a critic of Government and RSS

Dilip Mandal
New Delhi: Dilip Mandal’s Facebook account has been disabled by the social networking site after receiving complaints from some other Facebook account holders. The exact nature of the complains hasn’t been made clear by Facebook so far.

Dilip Mandal (Former India Today Managing Editor)  is known for his remarks on India’s Caste System. Mandal writes extensively on Ambedkar’s work, RSS’ religious right wing agenda, differences between Gandhi and Ambedkar among many other things.

Mandal, has criticized Congress and Gandhi in past for their policies and political positions. He has also been critical of writer Arundhati Roy. In recent times Dilip Mandal has been very critical of the present government .

Mandal’s writings on Facebook have been sharp, caustic and sarcastic. He connects well with his readers on issues of class, caste and communalism.

Mandal has written to Facebook seeking an explanation for their action. In the meanwhile some of his Facebook friends have created a group page on Facebook called  Dilip Mandal Fan page.

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