Teesta Setalvad says she will not be intimidated by CBI – VIDEO


The Shameful Persecution of Teesta Setalvad

II. The many ideas that Teesta Setalvad has come to symbolise

III. Citizens’ Group Flays CBI Raids on Teesta
IV. Teesta Setalvad’s Lawyers Hit Out at CBI for Calling Her Threat to National Security

V. Stop Hounding Teesta Setalvad, Javed Anand And Others


VII. Varanasi Protest News clippings
VIII. Intellectuals, Civil Society Groups Rally Behind Teesta

IX. Expert Gyan: What Lies Behind the CBI Raid on Teesta Setalvad

X. Open Intimidation

X. Conflict of Interest!!!! Little Gujarat In CBI Headquarters

2 thoughts on “Teesta Setalvad says she will not be intimidated by CBI – VIDEO

  1. Teesta has been engaged in successful PROSECUTION of 100+ guilty in the Gujarat pogrom – a deliberate crime against humanity.

    Her opponents in government are engaged in relentless PERSECUTION of this rare, exemplary and courageous citizen.

    The governments case is that Teesta’s continuing successful prosecutions are posing a risk to present government’s party supporters and now even “threatens -successful prosecution of certain individuals who believe they are indispensable to – India’s national security”.

    The government case has now been abbreviated to a charge that reads Teesta “threatens national security”
    Some 2000 people were massacred in the Gujarat genocide. Government of India deems an Indian life to be worth around 2 Lakhs which is the compensation given when a citizen is killed due to some unfortunate public incident. If Teesta can successfully bring all the perpetrators to justice then I believe that President of India should greatfully compensate Teesta for all legal costs plus a cash award of 40 crore (2000*2 lakhs) for prosecuting all the guilty. President of India can place a condition that the entire corpus of 40 crore will be devoted to a Museum to commemorate the massacre. I am sure Teesta will be happy to commit to a CGI audit of the use of the corpus for the intended purpose.

    Teesta’s priceless gift to the nation is that no government since Gujarat has dared to engage in a similar pogrom. In the Mumbai massacre post Babri demolition – the politicians went unpunished in Mumbai. India’s people will forever be greatful to Teesta for her personal efforts to prosecute the political misdeeds in Gujarat.

    Teesta has succeeded where the Indian nation state failed. Mahatma Gandhi would be proud. Satyameva Jayate

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