Prime Minister’s Office and CBI must not obstruct Public Justice says Teesta Setalvad : Hillele Report

“CBI comes directly under Prime Minister’s office. This premier organization is being used by PMO  to obstruct Public Justice”, Said Human Rights Activist Teesta Setalvad on Tuesday.
Teesta Setalvad said “CBI is being used for personal vendetta. They have found nothing in our house. That is why they are calling us here everyday to create a scene. The Truth is this was our time to prepare for Zakia Jafri case.”

On Tuesday Teesta Setalvad spoke to Media/Press and said in no uncertain terms that “Prime Minister is scared of Zakia Jafri case. The propaganda of Clean Chit goes for a toss the moment Zakia Jafri is in the court fighting Narendra Modi”

“What is the Uljhan?”
“Why is the big man so in panic? Do everything constitutionally and legally and we will show what is right and who is wrong but are the powers in Delhi letting us do that”
Teesta added that she will work day in and day out even after sitting at the CBI office for two hours and fight the Zakia Jafri case well. The Prime Minister’s office shouldn’t obstruct Public Justice she said without mincing any words.
Teesta also said they will take CBI to court for their illegal search. She will prove it in the court of law how they had constantly co-operated with CBI. She said they had given all the documents that CBI again took from their house. “CBI has found no incriminating evidence as being claimed by them”, said Teesta Setalvad.
Flanked by many activists Teesta Setalvad said “I was told and so was Media that my statement was over on Monday. Why did they call me today? They are saying I am required here everyday. I have a case in the court on the 27th of July against the man the propaganda machine of this regime claimed was given clean chit by the courts. Who is panicking here and why? Play it legally. By sending CBI to my house for illegal searches, by making me sit here at the CBI office do people really think I will get scared? I will work all night and day and fight the legal fight legally not unconstitutionally as the powers on top are playing”
“We will not be intimidated”, she asserted.

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