His Master’s Voice


Its both a  co-incidence and literally a writing on the wall.

It is what the activists across the country are calling the Central Bureau of Investigation today and actually an engraving on the stone.

In Mumbai at Fort between  the popular art-house store called Bombay Store and the coffee shop Mocambo is a building called the Insurance Office. This is where the CBI office is. These days it is popular for hosting TEA for arguably the strongest Indian Human Rights Activist of the century namely Teesta Setalvad between 3pm-5pm everyday.

It is on this building that some pedestrians noticed HMV’s logo His Master’s Voice carved in stone. Just below the stone carving is a metallic banner saying CBI.

Young and old plebians with banners have been thronging outside this building these days. What is the Fellow with sharp canines listening to one of the plebes wondered!

“Hallo the faithful one what is thou listening to?”, someone asked!…(subtitle of the greek and latin question)

“Key Bhaiiyaa Ka Suna baa” (When translated somewhat in Hindi)

Ode to Joy. In German it is An die Freude”.

And then the Royal soldier explained- And Ode to Joy was an ode written in the summer of 1785 by German poet, playwright and historian Friedrich Schiller.

Friedrich Schiller, who was celebrating the brotherhood and unity of all mankind, later made revisions to the poem. It was then republished in 1803. It was this latter version that forms the basis for Beethoven’s famous setting.

Ah! So dear Sir and your Master’s humblest Follower what does all that mean?

It means dear plebe –

On the 27th July, 2015  Zakia Jafri’s case will appear in the Court of Law.

Teesta Setalvad is Zakiaji’s friend and co-petitioner.

Dear Prime Minister’s name will again come up in the context of 2002 Gujrat Carnage as he is also accused.

That, however much the propaganda machine might have screamed CLEAN CHIT the court will hear the case

Thus Saheb is restless and being a little reckless..

It also means that Teesta Setalvad’s legal advocacy has made 117 rioters go behind bars. She is dangerous! And a National Threat! Absolutely!

Ah ah it also also means Behenji and Bhai Saheb – Babu Bajarangi (Not Bajarangi Bhai mind you!) and Maya Kodnani are the nation. That same Nation about which Arnab Bhaiiya talks about everyday when he whispers Nation wants to know! Nation Wants to know!

Achcha bahut hua We shall thus cover Saheb’s back…gottcha?! May the Force be with Wolverine!!

(For repherence)

How sublime! How Profound! How swatch! How Achche! How good a Sevak!

Knows everyone’s Mann Ki Baat!



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